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SugarRoti Indian Spices

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Organic Indian Spice Mix

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A curated assortment of our most popular blends to stock every cook's spice pantry.  Our award winning gourmet blends feature organic spices that are perfectly balanced to easily create healthy and delicious meals. Always be prepared for a culinary adventure!

Indian Spices and Flavors to Spark your Cooking Creativity

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Create Any Popular Type of Curry With our Indian Seasoning Blends

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Organic Indian Seasoning That Fits Your Diet

SugarRoti believes in helping everyone create easy gourmet meals. Using our Indian spices and your favorite fresh ingredients, in just a few simple steps you can have a gourmet meal on the table in under an hour. Our assortment of Indian spice blends are all vegan with no meat, dairy or animal products. Anyone can use these gourmet Indian spices to make any kind of diet delicious, including vegetarian, vegan, keto or paleo. Our gourmet Indian spice blends deliver fresh ground and whole spices making it easy to turn any ordinary dish into a gourmet meal instantly. Choose any of our organic Indian seasoning blends to take you on a flavorful journey around the world.

Turn Ordinary Dishes Into Gourmet Meals With Indian Spices


Pick Your Indian Spice Blend For Your Dish

Any of our 15 Indian spice blends will transform your vegetarian, vegan, keto or paleo recipes. SugarRoti empowers you to create any recipe you can think of, or update an old favorite to deliver delicious meals for your friends and family to enjoy together. Our Indian spice blends deliver unique heat and smoky earthy flavors that elevate any dish and can also be used to create a sweet treat like Gold Milk Pancakes or Chai Spice Muffins. We promise once you try your first dish using any of our SugarRoti gourmet spice blends you’ll never go back to your old bottled seasoning blends!

The Flavors and Spices of India Delivered Right To Your Home

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Authentic Indian Spices Backed By Tradition

About US

Healthier Eating, Everyday Delicious

SugarRoti is a women-owned Indian spice company committed to healthier living and celebrating the joy food brings. We believe cooking food should be fun, easy and a little adventurous. Our pre-measured blends are crafted in small batches to offer the most creative Indian flavor profiles we can dream up,  focusing on the unique essence and health benefits of timeless Indian spices.

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benefits of using indian spices

Benefits Of Using Indian Spices

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From the kitchen novice to the experienced home chef and culinary artists alike, SugarRoti offers easy-to-use blends using traditional Indian spices that give you consistent flavor and taste. One Indian spice blend package serves four and gives you all of the spice and seasoning you need to create your grandma’s traditional Indian dishes or take your modern favorites to new places.

Our Indian seasoning is also delivered right to your doorstep for a one-time burst of flavor and deliciousness or sign up for a monthly subscription so you never run out of the best Indian spices delivered in a beautiful sustainable package. Keep it vegan or vegetarian or use any of your favorite blends in any meat dish - beef, lamb, chicken, pork, fish or eggs. There is no limit to what you can cook with any of our 15 Indian spice blends.