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Nu Indian Spice Blends Made Easy

SugarRoti brings the gift of Nu to your kitchen with our pre-measured, single-use spice blends - helping you create the best Indian curries or your favorite modern dish in less than an hour.  Create a delicious aloo gobi or transform a simple vegan mac and cheese into something extraordinary. It’s so easy and you’ll never over or under season again.


SugarRoti Is Wholesome Spice Blends Designed For You

Busy day that calls for a quick, healthy, satisfying dinner? Check. Leisurely afternoon to savor the joy of cooking for yourself, friends or family? Check. Whether you have 30 minutes or all day, our Nu pre-measured single-use spice blends make it easy and fun to get any meal on the table. Together we power up your cooking game.

Start a Nu Tradition. 

The SugarRoti Difference

“Nu” in Gujarati (Gujarat, India) means “of”or “for”. SugarRoti takes Nu to a new place, delivering the best of traditional Indian spices blends to your modern kitchen. Take a seat at our kitchen table and be part of SugarRoti's Community. Use our delicious Nu pre-measured, single-use spice blends and try the easy recipes we’ve provided requiring only a few fresh ingredients. Try our one-pot dinners or up-date your own recipes. Be the first to learn about exclusive promotions, share your experiences cooking with SugarRoti, add your notes to our SugarRoti recipes and share your own recipes for the community to try.

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