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About SugarRoti

“We wanted to build an impact-driven company with like-minded partners and deliver products aligned with our commitment to health, wellness and sustainability which we’re proud to share with our families, friends and the world. Products that are beautiful and delicious; that break down barriers and build community.”

-Bina Motiram and Dana DuFrane,
SugarRoti Co-Founders

Nu: Modern Cooking With Timeless Flavors In Less Time 

Bina Motiram and Dana DuFrane met working in the corporate world and formed a friendship around their shared creative energies. They started SugarRoti to create innovative products to modernize cooking without compromising tradition and flavor. As a team, with Dana’s passion for art and design and Bina’s zest for cooking and tinkering with recipes, they built something amazing.  

They’ve built a business around making consistent, flavorful and simple meals accessible for busy people. Product quality and consistency are core values. A beautiful and sustainable package that captures the uniqueness of the product is also a must. And, the modern reality that we all have less time for cooking. 

SugarRoti’s Nu single-use spice blends deliver consistent flavor and freshness from start to finish.  Rip It. Simmer It. Savor It – that’s it. Really! SugarRoti’s spice blends break down cooking barriers, designed to work perfectly in any dish, without a trip to a specialty grocer.  

“Nu,” in Gujarati (Gujarat, India) means “of” or “for.” SugarRoti takes Nu to a new place. Nu is a bridge to create delicious meals, quickly. Nu is a daily gift you give to yourself, to your friends and family when you cook with SugarRoti. Nu is creating your own modern traditions.

SugarRoti will inspire you to cook up something Nu. 

Planet and people before profit

SugarRoti is committed to giving back to its communities and putting the planet and people before profit.

SugarRoti gives 1% of its profits to organizations that educate and support communities - organizations that help to ensure opportunity and a thriving future for our planet and people.

SugarRoti is committed to sustainability every step of the way, from its compostable packaging, to sustainable sourcing in the supply chain to using organic ingredients wherever possible. SugarRoti also chooses its partners carefully – ensuring they reflect its values and commitment to sustainability.