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We Did It For the Love of Spice & Dessert

Feb 2, 2022

Golden Milk, also known as Haldi Doodh, or Turmeric Milk, has been a staple in most Indian kitchens for centuries. The name ‘Golden Milk’ is derived from the bright gold color of Turmeric and is typically prepared as a warm drink. It happens to be the go-to beverage when a wellness boost is in order. In fact, Turmeric Milk reminds most Indians of their grandmother who offered it as a remedy for a runny nose, sore throat, or any time you were feeling under the weather.

Enriched with the goodness of nature, Golden Milk is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the Turmeric. Known to potentially improve brain health and memory, fight cancer, reduce joint pain, improve digestion and help reduce the risk of other diseases. And the biggest benefit, it’s absolutely delicious.

At SugarRoti we thought, why not bring this traditional and powerful combination to…DESSERT! Our Gold Milk Nu Spice turns that spice into sweet while minimizing the sugar and maximizing the health benefits. When combined with the creaminess of dairy and a touch of vanilla, this unique blend transforms a warm beverage to an unforgettable healthy indulgence that will more than satisfy any sweet tooth.

Just in time for the love-filled month of February, SugarRoti modernized 3 classic desserts that are easy to make and the perfect treat for all the Valentine’s in your life.

Gold Milk Nu Ricotta Cheesecake - Inspired by Italian tradition and New York style, this lightened up version uses creamy ricotta cheese and highlights the sweet and earthy flavor of Gold Milk Nu Spice

Gold Milk Nu Fig & Ricotta Cake - We took this Barefoot Contessa original and SugarRoti-ized it! Using less sugar and adding the earthiness of turmeric and black pepper to kick up the flavor.

Gold Milk Crème Brûlée - Classic comfort served with love. It is a dessert to behold, always delicious, and now with the health and flavor benefits of Gold Milk Nu Spice.

“Stressed is desserts spelled backwards” -- Unknown