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Trip #3 - Travel the World with Spice Blends

May 20, 2021

Are you looking to escape and explore the world through the amazing diversity of flavors, ingredients and recipes? We’ve made it possible for you to bring that delicious diversity into your kitchen with our simple spice blends. We’ve created and shared our own easy-to-follow recipes to spark the ideas but really, there are no limits to what you can cook with SugarRoti. Discover how to create the best way - region by region with simple, fresh ingredients and SugarRoti‘s pre-blended organic and vegan spice blends.

As summer heats up, join us as we take a mini-holiday right in our kitchen -- exploring the world with our aromatic Egg Nu Spice blend. Our Egg Nu spice blend delivers carefully curated tantalizing flavors. So hard to create and replicate using all the different individual spices, we’ve done all the work for you. Let our blend spark your cooking creativity. We’ve got you covered! What of your favorite egg recipes can you transform with our Egg Nu Spice blend? Spark your creativity and be good to the earth by shopping locally sourced vegetables and meats and don’t forget our spice blends come in 100% compostable packaging.

Let Egg Nu spice blend take you to Boston for some picnic-worthy Egg Salad, over to Italy where India meets Italy in a delicious take on pizza, and down to the Middle East for a creative take on traditional shakshuka - so good and so simple with a combination of fresh ingredients and our spice packet.

Boston is known for its food, and its sandwiches are at the top of that list. For a healthy and unexpected twist on traditional egg salad, Egg Nu Spice stars fenugreek, cumin seeds, ginger and turmeric for a unique take on this authentic dish — an ideal meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Who would ever think Italian pizza or flatbread and spices such as cardamon, cayenne, cloves, coriander, cumin, fenugreek would make an Italian classic so tasty! Pizza can be found on every corner almost everywhere today and we give you a fresh approach to this go-to dish with our Egg Nu Spice blend. SugarRoti Egg Nu Spice, 7 simple fresh ingredients layered over flatbread to create a meal that bridges culinary definitions in the most delicious way. Be inspired and use our blend with any of your favorite ingredients for an amazing update to a traditional pizza.

We finish in some of the world’s most significant and influential spice and culinary regions - Northern Africa and the Middle East. There has been a great surge in celebrating the multi-cultural culinary traditions of these regions. One of the most delicious examples is the humble shakshuka

Shakshuka is the best one-pan, all-purpose egg dish around. This trending dish is a classic North African and Middle Eastern dish, eaten for breakfast or really any other meal during the day. It's made from simple, healthy ingredients and is vegetarian. Shakshuka literally means “a mixture” and the traditional version uses tomatoes, onions and spices as the base with eggs poached on top. The spices we’ve blended for you in SugarRoti Egg Nu blend make it so easy to create this perfect, nutritionally balanced meal.

Explore the world and all its vibrant flavors in your own kitchen with all of our organic and vegan spice blends. We’ve made it easy for you and your options are endless - get creative and start your next cooking kitchen adventure with SugarRoti!

I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back. -- Alice Waters