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SugarRoti's Sustainable Spices in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Jan 11, 2022

Have you ever walked down the spice aisle at your grocery store and wondered; what can all these jars and boxes of spices actually be used for or what’s the flavor like? You may have even thought about how long these spices have been sitting on the shelves for, how long ago they were actually packaged, or how sustainable these spices really are!

And what about those spices in your cabinets - have you purchased the same jar of spice multiple times because you forgot you’d already bought it? We know we used to! And how long has that bottle of spice, often used once, been tucked away and forgotten back in the corner of your spice cabinet? Even if you’re trying for freshness by going straight to your favorite Indian grocery store, they only sell spices in large quantities - what are you going to do with a ½ pound of mustard seeds?! We both know that mustard seed will be long forgotten and expired by the time you need that much mustard spice!

The spice aisle in your grocery store doesn’t seem to have changed much since the 1970s. Racks and racks of individual bottles, with a minor upgrade of annoying little cardboard boxes and an unwieldy plastic bag of spice inside. Even most specialty stores where you can find a modern organic blend or individual gourmet spices, they are typically packaged in glass bottles or classic tins. You still have to find, measure, and use once before inevitably adding them to your collection of all the other lost and forgotten bottles and boxes in your spice cabinet.

Inspired by the underwhelming options and overwhelming waste, an idea was born out of the desire to change how people experience Indian spices. The philosophy and values that embody a sustainable way of life have always been a core component of Indian culture - especially when it comes to food waste. This lifestyle is the foundation of SugarRoti. Co-Founder Bina emulates the practices of her grandmother who went to the market every day to purchase only what she needed to feed her family - just the right amount of fresh spices and produce to create a delicious meal.

Building on this tradition, SugarRoti was intentionally innovated for single-use to ensure the highest quality and ultimate freshness so everyone can easily experience consistent Indian-inspired flavors. Each gourmet blend was tirelessly tested and tasted for the perfect balance so you have the most aromatic blends in one packet. Being mindful of all the waste around us, these single-use spice packets are to be used with what you already have or a few simple fresh ingredients. You can satisfy your traditional curry cravings or put a twist on a modern favorite. The best part? The packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable, so you can feel good about stocking up on only what you need.

SugarRoti is committed to sustainability and achieving a zero to low waste goal by helping you to:

  • Stop buying the same bottle of spice that became outdated in your cabinet and needed to be thrown away.
  • Stop gathering spices by the pound which you might never use.
  • Stop hunting and paying for all traditional Indian spices everyone loves but that are so hard to find and cook with.
  • Stop having to measure out spices and salt.
  • And start buying more sustainable spices that are good for you and our environment.

Learn more about our sustainable spices and how Bina and Dana built the SugarRoti brand on healthy and delicious traditions on sugarroti.com.

“Indian spices can find a place in any cuisine. It’s just a matter of opening your mind and palate to new flavors.” -- Maneet Chauhan (Chef)