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SugarRoti — An Explosion Of Flavor In Every Packet

May 3, 2021

"I just ate one of the most delicious tuna sandwiches I’ve ever had — all thanks to Oakland’s SugarRoti.

This new, women-owned company that opened during the pandemic makes 15 different, single-use Indian spice blend packets of mostly organic ingredients."

--Carolyn Jung.

Read more about what Carolyn has to say about SugarRoti's organic Indian spice blends at FoodGal.com: https://www.foodgal.com/2021/04/sugarroti-an-explosion-of-flavor-in-every-packet/

Carolyn Jung is an award-winning food and wine writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a James Beard Award recipient for feature writing about restaurants/chefs, received the award of excellence for diversity writing from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and is an American Association of Sunday and Features Editors award-winner.