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Spring into Cooking with Veggies! SugarRoti’s Top 8

Mar 26, 2021

It’s been a long winter, and we’re all embracing the sights, sounds and tastes of spring - especially in the kitchen. Whether you're an experienced home chef or just getting started with cooking, spring is the perfect time to visit your local farmers market for fresh healthy ingredients to incorporate into your own recipes and meals. Explore the many delicious and healthy seasonal vegetables to choose this spring and try something Nu — spark a cooking adventure!

Enjoying vegetables and fruits during their peak season has many benefits.

Seasonal produce:

  • Has more nutrients as it is harvested on the farm, to the market and on your table at its peak of freshness.
  • Adds variety to your diet by cooking seasonally. It’s more fun and better for you so be creative and try something new!
  • Is better for the environment as it travels shorter distances to reach you and is often sprayed with fewer pesticides.
  • Supports local businesses and farmers. Buying locally grown seasonal produce at farmers markets, CSAs, and even your grocery store helps grow your local economy and helps support independent famers.
  • Saves you money because there are fewer steps in the journey from the farm to your plate, meaning less overhead is added to the cost.

Let SugarRoti be your guide as you explore fun new recipes to try this spring.

Try our blends in any recipe you can imagine using these spring favorites:

  1. Asparagus
  2. Fennel
  3. Carrot
  4. Morel mushrooms
  5. Peas
  6. Spinach
  7. Cauliflower/Broccoli
  8. Green Beans
  9. Brussel Sprouts
  10. Fava Beans

Turn Hummus upside down using Fava Beans. Fava beans pack a serious punch of nutrition and are easy to use as a chickpea substitute! Fava bean hummus has a rich creamy texture and is filled with loads of nutrients! Flavor up this plant-based spread and switch out garbanzo beans for fava beans using our Garbanzo Nu Spice.

Mushroom Risotto needs only 7 healthy ingredients and 5 steps to create a creamy, savory and wildly satisfying dish. Use any of Spring’s bounty of seasonal mushrooms with our Kichiri Nu Spice.

Grab the fresh ingredients in our healthy one-pan vegetarian Potato Cauliflower Curry. All the key ingredients are in-season this Spring and easy to find at any farmers market. Our Vegetable Nu Spice packet will transform any of your recipes using delicious fresh and healthy vegetables like peas, broccoli and spinach.

Chicken Salad is always a light, fresh choice that pleases everyone’s palate. We’ve given the tried and true Chicken Salad a modern, international update by adding our timeless Indian (Gujarati) Chicken Nu Spice blend to create a simple, healthy and unforgettably delicious new recipe. Serve over fresh spinach, add roasted asparagus and top with thin slices of fennel. This dish says SPRING!

Try a seasonal switch of Butternut Squash Soup for a bright fresh Broccoli Soup. A healthy cruciferous veggie delight, Broccoli Soup is the ideal Spring soup! Super nutritious and filling, this soup pairs perfectly with our Gnocchi and Brussels Sprouts for a balanced vegetarian meal both using our Vegetable Nu Spice.

Fresh and light, Fish Tacos are a quick and easy meal option using our Fish Nu Spice. Filled with flavor, spice and protein, fish tacos can be supercharged with all kinds of veggies. Toss in some shredded carrots and your fresh cabbage for some crunch or top Fish Tacos with fennel for a flavor twist!

Eggs and Peas Curry delivers a beautiful, balanced nutritious meal that’s so easy to prepare. SugarRoti’s Egg Nu Spice gives this simple dish layers of flavor making it a healthy and satisfying meal any time of the day. Bright fresh peas and the richness of the hard-boiled eggs together with the uniquely delicious flavor and layered spices of our blend is amazing. Pair with a roti, quinoa or rice.

From Hummus to Fish Tacos, or in any of your own new or old favorite recipes, there are so many fresh beautiful seasonal vegetables to explore in your cooking this Spring and transform using SugarRoti spice blends. It’s so much fun to shop your local farmers markets, supporting local businesses and the environment while you’re at it.

Share the richness of the season with our SugarRoti community and tell us what you’re cooking up with all the fresh spring vegetables.

Spice a dish with love and it pleases every palate. -- Plautus


  • Karin B Schiffman

    I love these products! I’m used to spending hours to make a classic Indian dish; with these spice mixes, I can have a wonderful meal on the table in a fraction of that time and with a fraction of the effort. A friend just introduced me to Upma, a phenomenal dish made with the Lentil Nu Spice mixture- the ultimate comfort food that somehow tapped into warm emotional memories of childhood. (This suprised me since I don’t normally like wheat cereal at all, and I’ve never had this dish before). The garbanzo nu spice is a new kitchen staple. So grateful!