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Must-Have Indian Spices for Indian Cooking this Summer

May 31, 2022

Summer is coming and with it comes family get-togethers and plenty of parties. It’s the perfect time to make sure you have the necessary ingredients for all your cooking adventures during the Summer months. And SugarRoti has you covered! Read on to learn about the must-have Indian spices for cooking this summer!

Top Spices for Summer Cooking Indian Style

Cumin, Cumin, Cumin! Anyone who cooks Indian food knows that you can’t cook Indian food without Cumin. It is truly a must-have Indian spice for Indian cooking this Summer. Cumin is in many SugarRoti pre-measured blends such as Beef Nu Spice, Egg Nu Spice, and Fish Nu Spice, to name a few. Cumin is a staple ingredient in traditional Indian food. It also has wonderful health benefits that you can enjoy as you create amazing dishes with this must-have Indian spice for Indian cooking this Summer. It known to aid in weight loss as well as help with diabetes and may also help with lowering a person's cholesterol.

Who doesn’t love a Sloppy Joe during the summer? Try a packet of Beef Nu Spice to create a memorable Sloppy Joe. The SugarRoti recipe uses the must-have Indian spices for Indian cooking this Summer. Our Beef Nu Spice brings all the flavor for a perfect Sloppy Joe - an easy and delicious dish that you can serve at your next pool party!

The First Spice is Cardamom

Cardamom is another traditional Indian spice for Indian cooking during the summer. Cardamom has an intense taste and is great for digestion. SugarRoti’s pre-measured blends such as Lamb Nu Spice, Pork Nu Spice, and Vegetable Nu Spice are full of this fragrant spice. Cardamom is a must-have Indian spice for Indian cooking this Summer because of its versatility and multiple health benefits. Cardamom is shown to be heart-healthy, great for liver health, and may also help with ulcer prevention.

During the Summer people want light and easy recipes that can be on the table quickly with plenty of leftovers. Chicken Nu Spice makes a wonderful Chicken Salad that everyone will love! Featuring a Cardamom kick, Chicken Salad is the perfect meal for any Summer night. Serve on fresh ciabatta or sourdough, lighten it up over a bed of crisp greens with chapati.

Coriander Indian Summer

Coriander is the spice that is easiest to add to any meal you cook. Coriander is one of our favorite spices because it really can go in anything. It’s a part of our pre-measured Tofu Nu Spice Blend as well as Potato Cauliflower Nu Spice and Garbanzo Nu Spice. Coriander is perfect for Indian cooking this Summer. This spice is also known as a great source of vitamin A which supports healthy vision to see your delicious cooking.

There’s nothing like a great Ratatouille in the middle of the Summer! Use SugarRoti’s Tofu Nu Spice Blend this Summer and create a tasty meal for your friends and family!

Fennel Seed for the Summer

Fennel seed is an awesome spice for Indian-style Summer cooking. Fennel seed is a special spice that adds depth and flavor. Fennel seed is featured in Garbanzo Nu Spice and Beef Nu Spice. Fennel is a must-have spice for Indian cooking this Summer because it is full of antioxidants and potential cancer fighting properties. Fennel seed ranks as one of the top cooling spices used in Indian cooking. There is nothing better than a cooling spice during the Summer.

Sneak in that Fennel flavor with some creamy homemade Hummus this summer! Hummus is a Summer staple - it makes a great snack or Summer party appetizer!

Indian Spices for the Summer

All of the spices listed above are must-have Indian spices for Indian cooking this Summer. Each SugarRoti pre-measured spice blend can be used in traditional dishes and a variety of modern dishes. Serve the people you care about delicious healthy meals all Summer long.

“Even just a few spices or ethnic condiments that you can keep in your pantry can turn your mundane dishes into a culinary masterpiece.” --Marcus Samuelsson