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News: SugarRoti Partners with Berkeley Food Network

Nov 23, 2021
berkeley food network

Healthy Communities

Supporting our communities is core to SugarRoti and we are so proud to partner with and support Berkeley Food Network (BFN) and their mission to end hunger in Berkeley by donating 3% of every order processed starting November 30, 2021.

By collaborating with local agencies, businesses and farms, BFN strives to source and distribute healthy food to anyone who may be experiencing nutritional insecurity in our community. Reaching 6,000 people a week through their on-site pantry, and many more through their 65+ partner distribution sites, BFN leverages an innovative network model to meet clients in convenient spaces across the community. We love their innovation in connecting the sources of simple healthy and fresh ingredients to those in need and changing lives for the better through food.

Join us in helping them to achieve their goals of feeding people healthy food so we can create a community where no one is hungry.

“How we eat can change the world.” --Alice Waters

Learn more about the Berkeley Food Network here: