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Founders' Blog

Mar 3, 2021

Just about a year ago, we decided to take a leap of faith, leave the corporate world and start our own company. We committed, together, to launch a company that was reflective of our friendship, commitment to innovation, lasting products, community, fun and sustainability. A company that would be a force for good, both in the products we developed and also in the way we operate. This is core to SugarRoti.

As we worked through our myriad ideas over hikes and many many glasses of wine, we both came back to the Indian spices that Bina grew up cooking with. We both recognized the opportunity the spices afforded us to create products building on timeless roots and empower modern cooks to experience the joy of cooking with traditional blends and experiment and incorporate them into their own recipes. And to build a company based on these products that provide people with the tools to cook together, to create shared memories over meals, to have fun and to be healthy.

We spent hours in our kitchens, testing and tinkering with each blend to develop the perfect balance of taste and spice, carefully measuring and blending the up to 10 individual spices that make up our 15 different blends - cumin, star anise, turmeric, chili powder, bay leaves, cinnamon, and so many more. Like so many of us over these last long months, we sat together in our corporate office aka at the dining room table, pushing cats off our keyboards and, for us, talking through one very loud parrot named Rocky. From that controlled chaos, we very intentionally designed our compostable packaging to celebrate each blend, denoted by distinctive images and brushstrokes of color, packages that are as unique as the blends themselves, beautiful to look at, use and that also reflect our commitment to sustainability.

We are so proud of SugarRoti and the products we offer. You are going to love how easy it is to cook with our blends as you save the world using compostable packages - no more endless spice bottles used once and forgotten, no more measuring for recipes that never come out the same way twice. Use the simple traditional recipes we’ve included on our packages and website, or “cook outside the box” and use our blends in any recipes to add amazing spice and flavor. Join our SugarRoti community and share your comments to our products, recipes and add your own recipe created using SugarRoti. We are so excited to share SugarRoti with you.

SugarRoti Founders Bina and Dina

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts --Aristotle


  • Jennifer Quast Johnsrud

    Just ordered my first batch of products and CAN’T WAIT to try them and tell everyone else about them! Congratulations – so happy for you!

  • Linton E Johnson

    Just retweeted from your SugarRotti Twitter account how blown away I was at how delicious my eggs were after I put the spices on them! Sooooo good!