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Cooking with Indian Spices is Fun and Easy with SugarRoti

Mar 26, 2021

Think about your favorite Indian curry, those different flavors, the delicious tastes.

The secret is the spices!

So many people love Indian food; who doesn’t have a favorite go-to Indian curry? The best Indian food has at its core the best spices. Often up to 10+ different, carefully measured spices go into making that delicious curry. If you’re trying to cook your favorite Indian dish at home, that means at least 10 different spice bottles to find, purchase, measure and then find room to tuck away (and often forget) in the back of your cupboard. Then next time, after you take apart your cabinets to find those hidden spices (or buy more because you forgot about them), with all that measuring the flavor and taste is never the same way twice.

That’s where SugarRoti comes in to break down those very real barriers to cooking with these delicious and healthy Indian spices. Save time, make delicious meals - who’s in?

A few simple key ingredients common to most Indian dishes - tomatoes, onions, potatoes, a seasonal vegetable, a protein and of course the secret sauce that transforms these simple ingredients - the spices! Do you love Butter Chicken, Garbanzo Curry (Chole), Potato Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi) or Lentil Curry (Dal)? We’ve got you covered. With our Chicken Nu Spice and only 6 fresh ingredients you’ll have Butter Chicken on the table in 50 min. Pull out your Garbanzo Nu Spice, 4 fresh ingredients and you have Garbanzo (Chole) Curry ready to serve in 45 minutes. 4 fresh ingredients and SugarRoti’s Potato Cauliflower Nu Spice and voila, you can serve up Potato Cauliflower Curry (Aloo Gobi). Add our vegan Lentil Curry (Dal) to your feast in under an hour with our Lentil Nu Spice and only 5 fresh ingredients. So easy; so delicious.

SugarRoti carefully sources and blends the many different organic spices required to unlock those incredible flavors that are core to traditional Indian cooking, so you don’t have to. We believe cooking with simple healthy ingredients and carefully curated and blended spices can transform everyday ordinary meals into something extraordinary. Using our single-use, pre-measured blends, you can count on the delicious layered heat and flavors unique to Indian dishes, every time and with any recipe you cook with us.

As our lives have become busier, with less time for cooking, having the means and the opportunity to cook with delicious and healthy Indian spices has become even more challenging. We fall back to ordering in too often, which is expensive and not always the healthiest choice, grabbing something on the go, or skipping meals altogether. We developed our blends in order to give you back the time and the pleasure to cook and share delicious, healthy meals, built on the traditional Indian spices in our SugarRoti spice blends. Our blends are a modern interpretation of those timeless Indian spices and unique flavors, that you can use to elevate simple, fresh healthy ingredients into something extraordinary. Equally important to us, is that with all the time you save cooking, use it to share delicious home-cooked meals with friends and family.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. -- Katherine Hepburn